6 Sure-fire signs that your man is a cheater!

There is nothing worse than infidelity. When someone cheats on you--or you cheat on your partner--it means there's deceit, lying, and that there is clearly something wrong in the relationship. 

I have to confess, though, that I've been very lucky when it comes to my relationships because the only time that I know I was cheated on, it was five years after the relationship ended and I was already happily married to my first husband.


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Technically, I wasn't a victim of infidelity: I didn't go through the emotions that come with someone cheating on you, and when I found out, it was long after the relationship was over. 

Though I believe a good relationship in one built on trust and mutual respect, I like to approach infidelity with a better-safe-than-sorry attitude. I wanted to share some signs that let you know whether your man is a womanizer or will cheat on you in the future. 

With that in mind, ladies, it's best to let go of a toxic and cheating man before it's too late and you get hurt

1. If your man does not like surprise visits, or never answers the phone, be on alert because that attitude is defensive and a sign that he is hiding something. Chances are he doesn't want to give any explanations about who's on the phone--to you or her. 

2. If your man is interested in you, he'll make plans to be with you. Cheaters are always discrete and never make concrete plans. Everything is casual. 

3. If your man does not let go of his phone, even when he's in the bathroom, or he texts more than a teenager, beware. He might be tanlged up with several women.

4. If a man does not introduce you to his friends, keep your eyes open: something is wrong. The same goes if he doesn't want to meet or spend time with you and your friends. This usually happens because he doesn't want to run the risk that someone will tell on him. 

5. When he receives a call, he walks away and whispers or seems secretive, run for the hills! He's clearly hiding something. 

6. If your gut tells you something is not right, listen to it. We have a sixth sense that warns not to hang around. 

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