10 Reasons sleeping naked will totally change your life

I've never been enthusiastic about sleeping naked. Not only because I get chilly quickly, but because I think it's unhygienic. I'd have to change my sheets every day to not go insane. But experts are insisting that we should sleep in the nude.  

According to scientific studies, pajamas and sleepwear affect the quality of sleep we get and can even prevent us from losing weight.  Who'd have known?


Cosmopolitan compiled a list of some of the most surprising findings on sleeping with pajamas. Read on and let me know what you think and whether it changes your mind about sleeping clothed.

1. Your vagina will be healthier. Warm environments are the ideal breeding ground for infections, especially bacterial infections, which are the most common in that part of the body. Without underwear, this area gets more ventilation.

2. You will rest better. Sleep experts say that we sleep better in a cool environment and and when have less clothing. 

3. You will feel more sensual. The rubbing of the skin with the sheets and other body parts is arousing and sensual.

4. You will look sexier. Your hormones work better at lower temperatures and your body begins to regenerate. In the end, your hair and skin will end up having a much sexier look.

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5. You will reduce abdominal fat. Because sleep is a best way to combat stress and stress causes belly fat, there nothing like uninterrupted nights sleep to get rid of some inches around your middle without even lifting a finger. 

6. It will take away the hunger. Your brain sends signals of hunger when you are tired so that you consume calories for immediate energy. If you're rested, you'll obviously want to eat less and have more self-control to avoid fattening foods.

7. It will boost your self-esteem. If you feel good and are connected to your body, you'll feel comfortable with how you look. When you get good sleep, you make less errors. There's nothing like some peace of mind to lift your self-esteem. 

8. It will Improve your relationship. When you remove that barrier--your clothes--it gives intimacy a chance. And I'm not just talking about sex. Being nude increases communication and understanding.

9. You'll have more--and better sex. Imagine that sleeping together can turn into long sessions of foreplay, even without realizing it. An innocent touch can turn into quite a magical moment.

10. You will get more eager to take care of yourself and look better. If you know that you can not hide behind the clothes at night, you will make a huge effort to be fit.

There are so many reasons to sleep in the nude. Marilyn Monroe once claimed that the only thing she wore to bed was a drop of perfume Channel No.5.

I think I'll try sleeping naked. I know my husband will be happy. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to accomplish this when you have small children who visit you at night.

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