Woman dumps boyfriend on Valentine's Day through public ad!

Going through a breakup is always hard--especially when you're the one getting dumped. But no matter how badly your past relationships might have ended, it was still probably better than the Valentine's Day breakup that an England man named Dan just went through.

His now ex-girlfriend, Laura, apparently didn't want to bother with dumping Dan face-to-face ... so instead, she bought an ad space (seen here) that would do it for her!


Laura posted the above message at the Esso gas station where Dan buys his lunch every day. The ad went viral after someone snapped a photo of the sign and posted it to his Twitter account with the caption: "This has to be the meanest dump ever."

I have to agree! Dumping your boyfriend for another guy on Valentine's Day is cold enough, but announcing it on a public ad space? That's just downright cruel! I mean, she couldn't have at least done it in person?

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It's unknown if Dan ever saw the message, but even if he didn't, I'm sure he got the hint when he went home to find different locks and Laura's new boyfriend, Gary. Poor guy! That Laura must seriously have a heart of stone. I wonder if Gary knows what he's getting himself into?

On the bright side, there's always next year for a better Valentine's Day. And at least, he can rest easy knowing that no breakup he ever goes through from here on out could ever be as bad as this one…err, right?

Image via Twitter

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