Secrets of a Latin lover: Just touch him!

On the heels of Valentine's Day overload, which I am certain you enjoyed the most passionate and wild sex of your life, comes a time for reflection: How do you keep that momentum going and not lose that sex drive? Here's how: Touch him. Just touch him. Touch it as many times as possible--all day and every day.   


There are 86,400 seconds in a day and studies have shown that men spend probably 80,000 of those seconds thinking about sex. We think about sex when we wake up, while we eat breakfast, when we see a pretty girl on the street or in the car next to ours, sitting in a subway car, in the elevator, or meeting up with a colleague. Don't get me wrong: what I am saying is that in any of these situations a man can be thinking about sex. It doesn't have to be with that person specifically, but surely something--a smell, a touch, the way a girl's hair moves her hair one side to the other--can transport a man into a past (or imagined) sexual moment.

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Ladies, use this information to your advantage. When you want to have sex with your partner, chances are he's already thinking of it and highly unlikely that he'll say no.

Of course, if things aren't what they used to be and you'd like to change the trajectory of your sex life, you have to touch him. These days, our society has become increasingly cold and distant, a hug or a friendly kiss has practically turned into a sexual experience. Recently some friends were discussing a colleague and describing her as "hot" because she was always giving them hugs. See what I mean?

That's why I am telling you--and assuring you--that touching your partner will redirect his sexual energy towards you. I can honestly say that there's nothing better than unleashing all that pent up sexual tension with my wife.  

Try it! When your man gets home touch him in way that makes it clear he's just won the sex lottery!  He'll reward that enthusiasm in bed. When and how to touch him deserves a post of its own.

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