Insecure men blaming women who earn more for erection problems make me SO angry!

Want to hear the craziest, most misogynistic news of the year? A new study has found that the "disruption of traditional social norms" can lead some men to have erectile dysfunction. That's right, ladies. If you just happen to be earning more money than your hubby, then it might mean that he can't get it up. Um, seriously?! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, guys. Are they seriously letting something as silly as who earns more money direct whether their penis can rise to the occasion or not?


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According to the findings that were published in the Personality and Psychological Bullettin, which took at look at how a man's sexual desire is "tied to social and cultural norms", men whose wives earned more money tended to have issues with serious sexual dysfunction. Past studies have also shown that these men have higher rates of depression.

I have one thing to say to these immature men: GET OVER YOURSELVES! If you're really going to let hear hard-earned money get in the way of making love to your wife, then you honestly deserve all of your penis troubles. I simply do not understand the misogyny that it takes for a man to think that he's less of a man because he makes less money and then ACTUALLY becoming less of a man thanks to his ED.

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That's not to say that ED is what causes a man to be less of a man. I definitely don't believe that. What I do believe, however, is that a man is less of a man if he can't support the woman he loves, mentally and emotionally. It's great if he can support you financially, too, but the touch of money isn't what is going to keep me warm at night. And, honestly, all of these insecurities are just NOT attractive.

Seriously, guys, let's stop with these dumb traditional roles and just be happy for each other's success WITHOUT it hurting the physical intimacy of your marriage.

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