Secrets of a Latin lover: Behold the power of a hot kiss

Cher sang about how the art of the kiss is the secret to knowing whether a man is your ideal match in "It's in his kiss." Well, I will you assure you that men also look for great kissing skills in a partner.

If a woman kisses you for real, passionately, the kind of kiss that splits your jawbone in half, it's really tough not to fall for her. That said, sloppy kissing techniques can make a man run for the hills, even if you're a hot lingerie model.


Kissing is so intimate and personal that many of my female friends tell me that a great kisser tops the list of what they look for in a partner. A kiss is better than that cup of coffee that wakes you up in the morning and better than any sleeping pill you can take to help you fall asleep at night. Above all, a good kiss connects you to a woman on another level. If the eyes are the mirror of your soul, then the lips are its hands, and that sensation of someone's lips interlaced with yours will tell you more about the person than any long chat at a fancy restaurant.  

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Men are not immune to the effects of a good kiss--or a bad one. In fact, when I was single, more than one relationship ended because of a bad kiss. I don't pretend to be a judge of who is a good or a bad kisser, but on various occasions, the lack of a connection when it came time to kiss kept me from moving forward with a woman. It's a problem that creeps into the bedroom and into other daily encounters. That's why it's better to cut the relationship short while you can still do it in a healthy manner. 

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On the other hand, more than once, a good kiss has convinced me that a woman could make me the happiest person in the world. When I met my wife, we worked together in New York City. I saw her as an attractive and fun woman, but I obviously had doubts about how to approach her and knew that mixing my work and personal life is hardly ever a good idea. After weeks of group outings and getting to know each other came an important moment: the kiss. At that moment I thought, "Wow. This is going to be dangerous." She slept over that night , and we're still together today, sharing thousands of kisses.

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