Getting engaged is an event most women look forward to. I mean with all the cheesy romantic films out there, we've all hyped up this idea of what the perfect proposal would be. The truth of the matter is most guys aren't aware of our expectancy when it comes to the story we want behind the engagement.

But somehow the following men were either listening to their significant others or are true romantics because their proposals were top of the line. There are so many good ones; it's hard to choose a favorite!


Getting engaged must be exciting for couples since it is the beginning of a new milestone in the relationship. That 'forever after' feeling is enhanced because you are (hopefully!) going to spend the rest of your life with this person. So it's only natural to want your proposal to be more than perfect!

And some guys get it just right! Take for example the proposal story of David Kurk and Zoe Church. The couple had been vacationing in Thailand and had gone snorkeling in a location where David had connections with a dive shop owner. Little to Zoe's knowledge, David had snuck out the night before to plot the proposal.

He had decided to round up dead coral to write out "Wife me Lol" at the bottom of the bay's sea bed. The line was an inside joke they shared based off Zoe's favorite TV show called Come Dine With Me. Zoe accepted the proposal (naturally!) upon seeing the message and got a good laugh out of it as well.

But David and Zoe aren't the only ones with memorable proposal stories. We've rounded up some of the most romantic proposals just in time for Valentine's Day. If you're expecting to get the big question popped to you this Thursday, see how these interesting ones match up to yours!

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