8 Creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your man

Most couples are currently planning their Valentine's Day celebrations which can be stressful and time consuming. If you're like me though, you'd like your Valentine's Day to have a special twist to it besides the usual chocolates and roses. Being a mom makes it tougher to celebrate the most romantic day of the year if the kids are always around.

But what if we told you we found a solution which allows you to be kid-free (trip to Abuela's house!) and to have a creative and fun Valentine's Day? If you're skeptical then read on to find out our tips!


I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, mostly because I think it's silly that we need specific day to remind the people we love that we love them, but I can understand the excitement that comes over people when the holiday nears. It has a different meanings depending on the stages your relationship is in too.

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So whether you're a new couple, engaged, or married, we found a few ways you can celebrate with your man that will keep that spark alive and provide you with a fun night! Here are some creative ideas we came up with for Valentine's Day. Pick your favorite and if you love it enough, don't be afraid to do it again! But first make sure to drop the kids off at their abuela's house, got it?

1. Cooking together: One of the best ways to bond with your significant other is to cook together. Every restaurant has all their reservations booked and are overpriced on Valentine's Day, but you'll get a romantic night together out of this and a cheaper meal!  We suggest choosing a recipe you both want to make and then taking things into the bedroom (or not) when it comes to dessert, (Wink, wink).

2. Spa Day: We know you and your man work hard whether it's taking care of the kids or bringing home the bacon. So why not take some time to unwind and relax together. Book a day at the spa where you can both get massages and get the full royal pampering treatment. Even better, some spas provide couples packages and can set the romantic mood for you.  

3. Take a class together: There are many activities out there that you can share with your hubby. If you're an artsy couple try to take a painting or pottery class. If you're wine lovers, take a class which teaches you how to make your favorite wine, or even attend a sushi making class if you're into the Japanese dish.

4. Friendly competition: This is the perfect idea for the athletic couple who isn't afraid to get sweaty. If you're both runners, why not compete against each other in a race? Not only will it help you get a good workout, but the loser has to shower with the winner. See in the end, everybody wins! If you're not into these type sports, then another good option could be bowling or attending an arcade and competing at a game of skee ball.  

5. Night of dancing: Whether you decide to go out to a salsa club or stay in, making a mix of your own favorite dance songs and spending the night dancing is a great way to get close to your man. And you know what they say about good dancers ...

6. Valentine's Day party: If you've been together long enough to have a solid group of couple friends, why not get the gang together for a Valentine's party. Research has shown that when you're exposed to other happy couples, it improves your own relationship. Hey, happiness is contagious!  

7. Movie night: If you just want some quiet quality time, get together some of your favorite films (any genre works) and have a full on movie night. There's nothing better than laughing together as you watch the movie you saw on your first date.

8. Romantic stay-cation: How does a day of spending all day in bed sound? Relaxing right? Shut off all technology and enjoy a day in taking turns catering to each other. Your hubby can make you a delicious breakfast-in-bed, while you can repay him with a well-deserved massage. Later, make him his favorite dish for dinner and let him make you dessert. By sharing and showing appreciation for each other you keep the relationship fresh and the spark going on a daily basis.

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