8 Ways to tell if your man will ever cheat

If there's one thing many women will tell you is a deal breaker when it comes to a relationship, it's cheating. But what if you could spare yourself the heartache and time by finding out if your significant other is going to be a cheater beforehand? A recent study says that women are able to tell if a man is a cheater simply by looking at him!

So, what does a cheater look like? Read on to find out what characteristics you have to look out for while seeking Mr. Right…


I don't know if I can tell if a man will be unfaithful just by looking at him, but I do trust my gut instinct to avoid guys who seem like they're bad news. So, when I found out there's a chance we have the ability to spot a cheating man in the distance, I just had to find out what we all have to look out for.

According to U.K. relationship expert Tracey Cox we have the ability to tell if a man will be a cheater in a matter of 3 seconds just by looking at a photo. But what exactly does a (potential) cheater look like? According to Cox, she took a number of studies, Siang Mein (an ancient form of Chinese face reading), and body language signals to distill what a cheater actually looks like, and these are the top 8 characteristics to look out for:

1. If he's tall: Sorry ladies! It turns out tall men produce more testosterone therefore leading them to have more of a sexual craving.

2. He's got bushy eyebrows: This is a surprise! Men with bushier eyebrows are said to have a higher sex drive, hence even more sexual personality.

3. He has floppy hair: Your man' haircut can be a dead giveaway says one study. Men who wear their hair short on the sides and longer up front are said to be more self-centered. This means he is more than likely to put his needs before your own and will care less about breaking your heart.

4. Check out his testicle size: I know this is weird, but you would think that the bigger a man's package is the more likely he is to be unfaithful. It turns out his testicle size is more likely to tell you if he will wander. The bigger the testicles, the more sperm he produces making him more prone to wandering.

5. His eyes will say: You can usually tell a lot about a person through their eyes. Cheating men tend to have their eyes further apart which causes them to get bored easily and seek out a new companion.

6. He's got a bumpy nose: Men with a bumpy nose are more into the idea of wild sex because their sex drives are generally higher.

7. Pay attention to his face shape: If your man's face is square…watch out! It looks like men with oval faces are more likely to be family men, while square faced guys are less likely to want to settle down.   

8. He's a heavy drinker: This one is self explanatory. Heavy drinkers are 82 percent more likely to cheat than moderate drinkers. Hmm, no surprise there!  

Although some of these qualities appear sound, don't be quick to think that your man is a cheater! ased Many of the ones on the list are debatable and  it wouldn't be fair to assume that because your man is tall or because his hair is floppy that he is more likely to stray. Even if some of these features hold some truth, if you even suspect your man of cheating, we hope you're also paying attention to more important signs-- such as the way he treats you and the relationship.

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