It turns out men and women are more alike than you think!

If you find yourself saying sexist comments such as, "All guys want is sex," toss out that old mentality because new research shows this is false. A study conducted on men and women has shown that certain gender biased characteristics, such as assertiveness, cannot be determined by someone's sex.

This was further proven in another singles' survey which asked men and women what they looked for in a partner. And results shows they value the same things when looking for a mate. Shocker? I think not…


I can definitely say that I've met people with qualities you wouldn't expect a male or female to have. From women who are comfortable with casual sex to guys who are all for serious relationships, I'm not surprised that this survey has proven that these characteristics are not exclusively male or female.

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In the first study, conducted by Bobbi Carothers and Harry Reiss, over 13, 000 men and women were observed and results showed that although there were more assertive men than women, the majority were spread out in the assertiveness spectrum. The study also focused on other traits such as empathy, promiscuity and fears, but found these can't be strictly determined by gender either. 

A second survey conducted by asked 5,500 singles ages 21 and over, what they looked for in a potential partner, and found that most men and women put the same emphasis on certain qualities. For example, it turns out that both men and women think teeth, grammar and hair are important when judging a date. They also agree that their partners must be trusting, respectful and have a good sense of humor.

The survey also showed that 47 percent of singles said they were involved in a "Friends with Benefits" relationship and that 44 percent of those were twice as likely to evolve into serious coupledom. 

My boyfriend's thoughtfulness and witty but childish sense of humor were his traits that won me over. He says similar qualities I displayed struck his fancy as well. That's why I'm not surprised that the majority of people surveyed agree that their ideal partner is someone who respects them and has a good sense of humor. It's also a good thing that science has debunked the gender trait differences showing just how similar men and women really are in the end. So, the next time you're ready to bash men, think twice because it may be a quality you possess as well!   

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