5 Ways you can have hotter sex AND lose weight!

Well, I hate to break it to you ladies, but I've just heard the worst news EVER: It turns out that sex doesn't burn nearly as many calories as we once thought! Previous reports said that sex can burn anywhere from 100 to 300 calories but a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine claims that you only burn about 21 calories per six-minute sex session. Say what?!

I don't know about you, but it definitely makes me wonder if these people are doing it wrong because, well, only six minutes?! And just 21 calories?! That definitely doesn't sound like the most exciting sex on the planet. However, there IS a way to reap the benefits of sex with our tips on the 5 ways you can have hotter sex AND lose weight! Now let's get started...


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1. Have a high-energy quickie: Maybe it's not going to burn as many calories as you hoped, but having a quickie can actually be GREAT for your love life. This is especially sexy if you do it, albeit discretely, in a public place. Take your man by the hand and lead him somewhere quiet, then begin suddenly ripping his clothes off. The rushes feeling will leave you exhilarated and your heart pumping faster--which, hey, actually gives you some added health benefits!

2. Go with girl-on-top positions: Not sure how to tone up? Well, why not try a girl-on-top position? Aim for one that works out your arms and legs, as well as your tummy by contracting it whenever you make the up-and-down motion. The best part about this one is that your man gets a great view (he'll love it!) and you'll get some toning exercising while having a WHOLE lot of fun. Doesn't that sound better than Pilates class?!

3. Try some sexy role playing: One of the best ways to reignite a relationship is by engaging in some role playing in the bedroom. It's also a great way to get a jolt of working out in, since some of the role playing games involve a little bit of running around. The key is to have fun and there's nothing wrong with doing the classic "cops & robbers" routine and have your man chasing you around the house before your romp in the hay. Plus, hey, now THAT is some cardio!

4. Don't be afraid to do it standing: I admit this isn't necessarily the easiest position and it can certainly be a little tricky, but how about having sex standing up? This is a position that's actually going to help you AND your man, since it'll really work out both of your legs. Get some sex standing up tips and, well, begin with toning up those glutes while having a sexy ole time. 

5. Make sure you have the Big O: I know not all ladies have an easy time reaching climax but, let me tell you, that's one of the biggest benefits of sex. In fact, let's say that reaching the Big O is the best thing that your man can do for you in the sack, since having an orgasm does everything from relieving pain, helping you sleep better, and even lowering your blood pressure. So, whatever you need to get there--make sure that you and your partner get the job done right!

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