It's official! Condoms don't make sex worse, guys do

There are officially no more reasons to not practice safe sex ... especially now that a new study has found that condoms don't make sex any less enjoyable for either men or women! That's right, guys--your age-old (but lame) excuse has officially been shot down!


Researchers conducted an online nationwide survey on men and women in the US of the ages 18 to 50, assessing the relationship between condom or lubricant use and sexual quality. Results, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that men and women consistently rated sex as "highly arousing and pleasurable" with few differences based on condom or lubricant use.  And, despite that some guys insist using protection can detract from their experience, the study also found that condom use had no real impact on men's ability to, ahem, perform.

Finally, we can put that dumb, old-fashioned defense to rest. All those who either might not know any better or (more likely) those who try to manipulate their partners into sex without protection now have actual proof: Condoms do not "kill the mood" or take the fun out of the bedroom.

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But, the results are most important because they reiterate the need to practice safe sex. After all, let's face it: these days, protection is not an option, it's a necessity. Unless you are in a monogamous relationship with a partner you can truly trust, it's absolutely crucial for every woman to take some form of precaution to protect their body.  Not doing so can put them and their partner at serious risk.

Besides, is there anything more mood-killing during sex than being secretly worried about your own health? I don't think so!

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