Mami confessions: I'd rather masturbate than be with my husband

It's amazing what people are willing to reveal about their intimate lives when they can do so anonymously. That's why I like our Confesiones group where our members can share their greatest secrets or ask questions they might not dare to if they had to say who they are. The post we're highlight today is a perfect example of that. Basically, our member confesses she'd rather masturbate than be with her husband because he can't give her the same pleasure she's able to feel on her own.

Her question is whether other women have gone through something similar. 


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I haven't, but some of the other members of our group admitted they have gone through the same thing. Their advice and that of other women who haven't experienced the same thing is that she should do it in front of him. They suggest that this will probably turn him even more. The woman says it sounds like a good idea and says the following:

Thanks for all your advice and although I'll be a bit embarrassed, I will try to masturbate in front of him so he can finish the job for me! But I ask for more advice to help turn a cold relationship!

The other thing that thing that I think she should do is be honest with her husband and just tell him exactly what she likes. She needs to explain to him what her erogenous zones are so that he can please her as she likes.

What would you advise this woman?

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