Spice up your love life with these sexy & simple role playing exercises

Like every relationship the newness can end abruptly and can be in dire need to bring that spark back. One solution to end your couple woes is none other than role playing! Now, it might sound cheesy to engage in sex by pretending you're different people, but the secret is that it's all about getting creative.

It's the one time you can pretend to be a celebrity or a superhero without feeling silly or judged because your partner is in on it too. Not only will you get a good laugh out of it, but pleasure too! Let's be honest ladies…you sometimes fantasize that your beau is Javier Bardem, so why not bring that creative mind of yours into the bedroom?


At first it might seem out of character pretending to be someone other than your own self. But once you get into it, you'd be surprised to learn another side of you, you had no idea existed! Not only will this be a pleasant surprise to you, but it will blow your man's mind too. Some of these might seem a little stereotypical, but, hey, just remember it's all in fun!

So, if you're looking to try something a little different tonight, look no further than our top 5 suggested role playing characters!

1. Cops and Robbers: One of the most common roles played by couples is cops and robbers. First load up on some CSI episodes, then find a cop outfit that will strike your man's fancy and start out by creating your own criminal scenario. Have him dress up as a robber and chase him into the bedroom where you give him a punishment fit for his crime. Oh, and don't forget to use the handcuffs!      

Strangers in a bar: Remember the newness you had when you first started dating your hubby? Set up a similar scenario by going to a bar and pretending you're strangers who just met. Start out by flirting, and have him buy you drinks, eventually bringing the whole scene to your bedroom where you can even pretend you're having a one night stand!

Escort and client: We've all seen Pretty Woman and not much to our surprise, the client fell in love with the call girl. Take on your own version by pretending to be your man's escort and surprising him with a side of you he's never seen. Don't be afraid to push your limits since he may just like how freaky you can get!

Housewife & delivery guy: Another common role play is the housewife and delivery guy. Whether it's the mailman, pizza delivery guy, or FedEx person, you know its crossed your mind about having the good looking messenger pop up on your doorstep. Have your hubby pretend he has a special delivery for you and take your time opening the package-- which in case you need a reminder, should be handled with care.  

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele- For the experienced couple in role play, we dare you to take it to the next level with some S&M. Why not reenact scenes from the popular novel, 50 Shades of Grey. You know you've read it and have been curious to experiment with your hubby, a la Christian Grey. But we'll be honest; these characters are only meant for the bold and experienced. So practice this role at your own risk!

Image via Katie Cowden /Flickr

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