The perfect proposal is now just an app away

Coming up with the perfect proposal can be difficult and nerve-wracking…so now (like with just about everything else), there's actually an app to help all those love struck souls out there figure out how to pop the question!


For those looking to get hitched but are unsure of how to ask, you're in luck as the Proposal Pro basically does the job for you! The app not only includes tips on choosing the perfect ring and how to ask in a memorable manner, it also shows users how to find the best location for the proposal and gives tips on how to ask the bride's parents for permission, as well as how to break the news to other friends and family. And as if that wasn't enough, it even includes a ring sizer to make sure the rock you're buying will fit!

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Okay, part of me thinks that it's awesome that this app makes for such a thorough and handy resource to guys looking to propose. But most of me just believes that the whole thing is pretty weird. I mean, I get that planning a proposal isn't always easy, but isn't that part of the point? After all, it doesn't have to be a fancy, over-the-top thing, it just needs to be personal and relevant to your relationship ... and reading a speech memorized from an app kind of ruins that.

That being said though, I see nothing wrong with someone using the app just to try and spark some inspiration of their own.  But in the end, what I think makes proposals the most special is being sincere and putting in your own best effort!

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