Mami confessions: My husband wants me to have sex with another woman!

The topic of this week is quite delicate, but I'm glad the anonymous member of our Confesiones group dared to share her dilemma because maybe other women have gone through something similar. The issue is that this woman says her husband has a sexual fantasy in which she has sex with another woman while he watches. But she says she does not know what to do because she has no interest in doing that and although she's told him so, her husband keeps insisting and even looks for women on the Internet for her.


This is the message the woman left in our Confesiones forum:

Hello I am Mexican. As you know, we are very modest. My husband has a sexual fantasy in which he wants me to have sex with a woman while he watches me doing it with her. He says that women here in USA do it all the time ... Actually, I can't  imagine myself in a bed with a woman. I like men. What do you guys think?

The women in the group did not hesitate to answer her question the same way I would: Never do something you do not feel comfortable with just to please someone else. I think this woman should talk to her husband again and assure him once and for all that she has no interest in doing what he is asking. He needs to understand that she also has the right to say what she wants and what she doesn't.

What would you advise this woman?

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