Enraged Latina caught on camera smashing cheating husband's car! (VIDEO)

I've always wondered how I would react if I found out my husband cheated on me. I like to tell myself I'd be very mature and try to be as sensible as possible, but I could very well end up doing what the Brazilian wife in the video below did. If someone has ever cheated on you, you'll understand her rage. I know what she did is wrong, but what her cheating husband did to her must be worse because her fury is unmistakable!

In one of the many videos that have surfaced since the incident last week, the tall redhead is seen smashing the windshield and hitting the hood of her husband's Honda Civic with a hammer. At the beginning of the video, you can even hear the clinking of the hammer as the windshield gets destroyed.


The woman goes at if for a couple of minutes while a delighted crowd watches and gets the whole incident on video using their phones. I don't speak Portuguese, but it almost sounds as if some in the crowd are egging her on. 

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Once she feels like she's done enough damage, she drops the hammer, picks up her purse from the floor and walks away while the witnesses clap and whistle showing her their support. According to Sao Paolo police, the woman went into a fit of rage after learning her husband was having an affair. 

I would've given anything to see the face of the cheating husband when he discovered what happened to his car! Although smashing his car's windshield, burning/selling his belongings, or vandalizing his property won't do anything to change the infidelity, cheating men should remember that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Image via YouTube

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