Mami confessions: I can't stop wondering what it'd be like to be with another woman

Although not all the women who have thought about it will admit to it, the truth is that wondering what it would be like to be with another woman is much more common than you might think. Whether or not is normal is the question that one of our members of our Confesiones group wants to get answered this week. The woman, who left an anonymous posts, asks: "Do I like women or could it be I'm just curious about what it must feel like to be with another woman?"

Some of the women who have left her comments admit they too have had the same thoughts, but that they've never done anything about it. That is, they've never actually been with another woman. 


One of the women who left a comment says that although she's had dreams that other women touch her, she does not think that means she's a lesbian. Another woman says that she feels the same curiosity, but that if the opportunity arose, she probably would not go for it.

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I think that, more than anything, the woman who left the question in our Confesiones group wants to know if it's normal to have these thoughts. Although I'm no expert, I believe it's totally normal for women to, at some point in their lives, have some sort of curiosity about what it would feel like to be with another woman. The problem is that it's a fairly taboo subject and most women don't like to talk about it. 

What would you advise this woman?

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