Mami was right: men really DO love mean women!

I've always heard that the secret to a man's heart is through his stomach. I mean, that's it's certainly always worked for me but now it turns out that the REAL way to a man's heart is actually by being kind of mean to him!

That's right, new research has discovered that the "playing hard to get" technique that many ladies enjoy doing is actually a tactic that truly works! So, if you want to get a man (or if you want to keep your man), then maybe acting like a pain in the you-know-what to him is something you should try.


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According to The Daily Mail, the study was reported in the European Journal of Personality and it asked more than 1,500 men and women which "hard to get" tactics worked best. Apparently, if you want to use some of these, they were "appearing highly self-confident, talking to other people, withholding sex, sarcasm, sounding busy, teasing, flirting with others and turning down the first few dates."

Unsurprisingly to me, researchers found that women were more likely to play hard to get than men (seriously, DUH!) but the surprising part came when researchers figured out what they think may be the reason for women to do this: "women are trying to ensure a potential mate will stand by them once they have a child."

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Wait, REALLY?! I guess all that advice that our mamis give us when we're young (you know, about never calling him, being slightly unavailable and not giving him a sample of the, ahem, merchandise if you know what I mean) might actually be true! Well, that's a bit of a scary thought. I'm not sure how I feel about being mean to my man on purpose, in order to keep him interested but, well, if it works…

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