Millionaire asks Santa for a Latina girlfriend with a huge billboard in California!

 I can already see my single friends trying to craft the perfect e-mail to California millionaire Marc Paskin, who bought billboard ad in a predominantly Latino area of San Diego, asking Santa for a Latina girlfriend.

Although his method of finding love is a little hairbrained, Marc genuinely seems like a good guy. He donated $1million dollars to the University of California San Diego's Shiley Eye Center, which helps blind people regain their vision, in honor of his dead wife. And he gave $125,000 last year to needy families in Detroit, while participating in the ABC reality show Secret Millionaire.


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His motto is: "If you do good deeds, you'll get good things in return," according to his biography for the reality show. Paskin, who at 62 years old has two kids and three grandchildren, made his fortune from a minimal investment he made in real estate years ago. Today, he's one of the most powerful, richest men in California, even being dubbed the "Donald Trump" of San Diego. One of his favorite hobbies is karaoke--how fun!

Okay, we all know how amazing Latinas are, but until now, Paskin hasn't explained why he wants one of us for the holidays, or why he decided to pay for that huge billboard in order to find love...but some media outlets are speculating that he's involved in a new reality show and he's just looking to cast Latinas. Who knows?!

In any case, if you're interested, or know someone who's looking for a boyfriend a little on the older side, the e-mail on the billboard is Good luck if you do decide to write. And please let me know if you get a response! If Paskin's intentions are good, this may even be adorably romantic.

Image via Hispanically Speaking News

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