Couple announces breakup with weirdly personal music video (VIDEO)

Most couples that are going through a breakup don't really want to talk about it, but that's definitely not the case with Jonathan Mann and his girlfriend, Ivory. After five years together, the two decided to announce their separation the most bizarre way possible--by turning their split into a music video and posting it onto YouTube!


As can be seen in this clip, the former couple recorded a kinda depressing yet still catchy song about their breakup and even choreographed some dance moves to go along with it! According to the tune, the duo is parting ways because Jonathan wants to have kids while Ivory doesn't. "We've got to break up / It's the only way / 'cause I will resent her / and that's not fair," he sings.

Um, what?! Okay, I guess this could be viewed as a creative way to add some humor to a difficult time and kudos to them for being mature enough to know when things are over... but personally, I find this video is so strange! First of all, their relationship is their business and they really don't owe anyone an explanation. But more importantly, if they do feel like they have to explain their breakup (which they clearly do), why would they choose to advertise what most deem as a really personal issue on the INTERNET of all places?!

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Plus, I would just love to know how they came up with this solution. I mean, how did that conversation go? Like, "We're breaking up, I have a great idea, let's make a video about it!"

The only thing I get out of watching the clip is that the fact that these two were willing to do this and actually work on it (coming up a song and those dance moves takes time!) shows they probably are really good together…which only makes the whole thing sadder considering the subject of the video!

Watch their breakup song  and dance here:

Image via YouTube

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