New dissolving condom promises to provide discreet protection against pregnancy & HIV

What if there was a way to use condoms that would not only better prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but would also dissolve after a couple of days?

Now, a dissolving condom sounds a bit weird and maybe even kind of contradictory but it's actually quite a brilliant idea. Basically, there's a technology called "electrospinning" that researchers are saying could be used to manufacture pretty much the strongest female condom ever. So, hey, we ladies will finally have FULL control over what happens in the bedroom!


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According to the University of Washington, a team at the school has developed this brand new condom made out of electro-spun cloth-like fibers that can be used to make a super-strong condom that will "simultaneously offer contraception and prevent HIV." Basically, it would be a way to offer cheap, discrete and reversible protection since the "nanometer-sized fibers can dissolve to release drugs." One of the corresponding authors for the research, Kim Woodrow, a UW assistant professor of bioengineering explains why they've gone this route:

Our dream is to create a product women can use to protect themselves from HIV infection and unintended pregnancy. We have the drugs to do that. It's really about delivering them in a way that makes them more potent, and allows a woman to want to use it.

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I honestly think this is pretty good news for everyone, especially women. It's nice to know that soon we will have a better way of protecting ourselves against possible dangers like unwanted pregnancy and even more unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. I just hope that these come out soon and that they'll work on a male condom version, too.

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