Mami confessions: How do I tell my husband he's not my baby's father?

This week we bring you another complicated question left by one of our members in our Confesiones group. Although she doesn't give too many details about her situation, she basically she was unfaithful and is now expecting a baby from another man. The woman, who left an anonymous comment, wants to know how she should tell her husband that the baby she's carrying is not his.

I think the only way is to be completely honest. I think this woman just needs to come clean and tell her husband what she did because it's simply not fair for her to deceive him that way.


Plus, in this case, she doesn't even want to be with him, as she said in her post:

I do not want him to forgive me, I want him to leave me alone so I can go be with my boyfriend, the father of my baby.

Which makes it even more difficult to understand why she's still with her husband. I mean, it's not like she made a mistake and is looking for her husband's forgiveness. No. We're talking about a woman who was unfaithful to her husband and became pregnant and is now looking for a way to get rid of him so she can be with her lover.

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She is already 6 months pregnant, so time is running out. I think the sooner she tells him the truth the better. That way she can start a new life with her baby's father and her current husband can go on his way.

What would you advise her?

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