The nose knows when it comes to love!

When it comes to love men and women focus on the way their appearance, but did you know it's our ability to smell that can maintain that attraction? A new study confirms that a good sense of smell is what helps keep a long lasting relationship. The study also discovered that men are the ones mostly affected by it.

According to the research published in the journal Biological Psychology, a bad sense of smell can lead to insecurity, problems socializing and finding love for both sexes. The test was conducted on anosmiacs--people born without a sense of smell and was compared to those who could smell. And what they found was rather surprising!


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The study found that on average men born without a sense of smell had two sexual partners, compared to ten for a normal male. Thomas Hummel of Dresden University's Smell and Taste Clinic, says that the reason a bad sense of smell can affect you is because those who aren't sure of their scent allow that insecurity to trickle into their personal life.

I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone and as they say if someone can't accept you for who you are then you're better off without them. But the smell issue can be a problem since studies have shown that our scents play a big role in arousal. But being born an anosmiac shouldn't be what ultimately decides if that person finds love.

I'm not surprised that scent plays a huge role in relationships because who really wants to be with a stinky partner? And I can see how men are more affected by this than women because I can name plenty of ladies who would refuse to be with a guy who had bad hygiene. Smelly armpits just aren't attractive! So the moral? Gentlemen, just rub on some of that Speed Stick to be safe and you're good to go!

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