5 aphrodisiacs that are sure to get you in the mood this holiday!

'Tis the season for giving! Christmas time means you're feeling warm and fuzzy inside which, well, probably makes you feel a little frisky. But it isn't just the holiday that's giving you this effect--in fact there may be other factors involved. Take for example the food you eat most during this time of year. You may not realize it but your favorite meal may have components meant to arouse you.

Now you're probably wondering which holiday components can get your libidio going, and lucky for you we have the answer. That arroz con leche doesn't look as innocent anymore since you're probably wondering what sexual effect it may be taking on your body. We rest assure you that it is not THAT postre that is making you feel hot and bothered, but it's these things instead…


There's a misconception that being stuck indoors during the colder months can get you easily in the mood, but not everyone is the same. Some people actually need a boost and what better time than during the holidays! From the fireplace to the meals, there are a few things we can rely on to get our libido going.

Check out our top 5 holiday themed aphrodisiacs. They're sure to get you in the mood!

Mistletoe: Okay, it's not food, but the famous "kissing plant" was believed to represent fertility to Europeans. That explains why people are expected to kiss when they find themselves beneath it!  

Wine: A glass of red wine will not only relax you, but since it lowers your inhibitions, it also gives you a boost of confidence. Perfect for moving things to the bedroom, *wink* *wink*

Figs: This cherished fruit was once considered "more precious than gold" to the Greeks. The fig symbolizes sexuality and fertility. Its shape even resembles female organs--the perfect choice to get your man in the mood.

Turkey: It may sound funny, but that turkey you're having during Christmas dinner may be helping you get your juices flowing! The poultry contains high levels of zinc which affects your progesterone levels, increasing testosterone, and thus your desire.

Chocolate: How can we forget chocolate! This time of the year, we are especially downing the sweet treat with such frequency, that we forget the sexual effect it has on us. Chocolate has a stimulant called phenylethylamine which is what causes you to feel that natural high. Yum!

And there you have our list of aphrodisiacs for this holiday season. Trust us, we are planning on trying them too! So think twice before you sit down for Christmas dinner because you just may be setting yourself up for an intimate night in.  

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