Mami confessions: My husband works way too much, should I leave him?

This week's dilemma in our Confesiones forum is quite complicated. While I understand what this woman is complaining about perfectly well, I feel there must be a better solution than the one she's considering. The issues is that she is sick and tired of her husband only caring about work, work and more work. She says she's tired of waiting for him to realize that not everything in life is money and she doens't know what to do because she feels very lonely.

She tells us she's been thinking about leaving him and taking the children with her to see if he finally gets that the most important thing is the family and spending time together. But she worries that leaving would affect their children negatively.


Either way, she's tired of feeling this way:

I spend most of my time alone with my kids and it doesn't even faze him. I tell him, but I feel like he does not care. He doesn't spend any time with us and I feel alone. I'm trying not to close my heart and leave him out. I'm getting used to the solitude.

This is a hard one, don't you think? Mostly because lots of women complain that their husbands are lazy, do not work enough, or hang out after work with their friends, drinking and doing who knows what else. But this is not the case with this woman. She explains that her husband works and works because he wants the best for his wife and children. And that is something admirable.

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Unfortunately, in the process of providing for his family, this man has forgotten that not everything can be work because time flies and children grow fast. I think the most important thing for him is trying to find that ever elusive work/life balance--which is not easy, but it's possible.

What would you advise her?

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