The morning trick that's going to help you have a HOT night with your man!

I'm one of those girls that's admittedly a little high maintenance. I like to be taken out, I like to be wooed, I like to have nice dates with my man. Trust me, I repay the favor plenty (I can cook some REALLY good food) but, still, I love to be wined and dined. Of course, by the time we get home, both of us are usually too stuffed from our romantic dinner to, ahem, turn our candlelight flirting into a toss between the sheets. That's why I couldn't have been happier to discover this great morning trick to make my nights all the rage.


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Okay, so here's the genius idea from's "Turn Up Your Sex Life": Go on a breakfast date!

That's right, instead of investing a ton of money into a romantic dinner and then being too tired/groggy/tipsy to enjoy some quality nighttime romping. Instead, what REALLY counts to make your relationship sizzle is quality one-on-one time--which is why it doesn't actually matter if you have a dinner date or not. Instead, opt for a breakfast date on a weekend morning (since you'll have more time then) and you'll be more likely to have a VERY exciting sex life, according to research from the National Marriage Project.

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That actually doesn't sound too bad, does it? And I bet it doesn't even have to be a super nice, fancy breakfast, either--just some cafecito, maybe some huevos rancheros, or a simple muffin, and just spend some time catching up with your man. Then just watch as the connection you build that morning lasts all day and well into your oh-so-hot evening activities.  

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