Scientists may have found a "cure" for cheating men!

Listen up, ladies! It looks like science has finally found a way to keep men from cheating! Well, almost. A new study has found that the "trust hormone" oyytocin could potentially help males stay a farther distance away from other attractive women. Who knew?!


Researchers administered either a nasal spray of oxytocin or a placebo nasal spray to 86 healthy, heterosexual men. They then had them interact with attractive women and share when their distance from her was "ideal" or when it made them feel "slightly uncomfortable." The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, concluded that men who recieived the oxytocin and were in commited relationships stayed farther away (28 to 30 inches) from the women than those who got the placebo or weren't in relationships (20 to 24 inches away).

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Hmm...the news is certainly interesting but I don't know if I totally buy into the concept. Though it's fascinating to hear about the body's chemical reactions when it comes to sexuality, I personally am a big believer in old-fashioned loyalty. If you truly love someone, shouldn't you be able to be strong enough to stay faithful naturally? i mean, if you really need to administer an extra this or that to keep from cheating, is the relationship even worth it? I know that's what I would be thinking if it was my significant other.

Still, I bet some women will be really interested in this research and scientifically, it is pretty amazing to hear the results. I mean, what's next? A chemical to predict when you will break up?

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