Mami confessions: My man left me and I can't get over him!

It always breaks my heart to read posts like the one recently left by one of our members in our Confessions group. Turns out, this woman's partner left her overnight and she doesn't know what to do to get on with her life because all she wants is for him to return. Unfortunately, she understands that if he left her, it's because he does not want to be with her, but she still can't stop dreaming that he'll return. This heartbroken woman is looking for advice so she can forget about her love, but she warns all that going out with friends and looking to replace her partner with another man is most definitely not the solution for her.

The difficult part is that, according to our anonymous member, they were together for 10 years, and although they have no children together, they did raise their kids from previous marriages.


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But maybe it's better if I just let you read her own words as she wrote them in her post:

I feel very alone. The man I love and who said he loved me left me and I miss him too much. Even though I want him to come back, I refuse to beg him to do so. I know that if he left it's because he doesn't want to be with me, but what can I do to stop feeling bad? To stop loving him and wanting to get back with him?

Although it will be very difficult for her to understand, the truth is that I agree with the advice given by the other members of the group: if he left, it's because he no longer wanted to be with her. Besides, I've always believed that things happen for a reason and that every cloud has a silver lining.

What would you advise her?

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What would you do if this happened to you?

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What would you do if this happened to you?

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on Nov 26, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Your story remainded me my own, it is really hard to see the outcome, all the dreams shared no longer exist and now you have to get back to individual dreams, get focus on that, enjoy yourself and do not try to find happiness from outside because the real happiness needs to come from inside you. I know you miss him really bad and time just it's not enough at this moment but it will come a day that you no longer will need a man to make you happy. You like all of us as a women has the inner power that God give us to overcome and shine with our own light. Take day by day knowing that time heals all wounds. Something better will come to you, be patient and consideration for yourself. My best wishes to you.
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