5 secrets you should ALWAYS keep from your man

You love your man and do your best to maintain a healthy, honest and open relationship. But there are times that a little bit of mystery can go a long way and can even keep you from losing yourself in a relationship. For example, do you really want your man to know that you're checking out the hot business man who lives up the block? Probably not! 

Which is why we've compiled a list of 5 things that are innocent enough to keep from your S.O. without feeling guilty, but keep in mind, like many things, there are LIMITATIONS.


Your less than pretty beauty routine: It's ok if you apply lipstick or mascara in front of your guy--it reminds him that you're a woman and you want to look good for him! But you know those bikini waxes, upper lip waxes, corn removal beauty maintenance procedures? It's best to keep those a secret from him because it's not the sexiest image in the first place and let's face it--it's gross that we have to do these things anyway!

Sexual fantasies of other men: Sure your guy can turn you on, but let's be real, there are some nights when he just can't get you going…so you let your mind wander and the first person that pops in mind is William Levy. It's ok to fantasize about your celebrity crush or the cute mailguy at your job as long as it remains that way. And achieving that big O? Your man will be none the wiser... wink, wink!

Real feelings about his gift: You know your guy means well when he gives you a present for your anniversary, birthday, the holidays--but what if his gift falls short? Maybe you were expecting that Michael Kors bag you'd been dying to have and he got you a wallet. If you are REALLY disappointed in a gift he gave you, be honest, but if not, accept it and be grateful for his thoughtful gesture.

Insecurities:As women, we are NEVER satisfied with the way we look. Our butts are too big, our stomachs are not flat enough, there's a new wrinkle on our face…save that talk for your girlfriends. Your man doesn't need to hear you rambling on and on about how unsatisfied you are by the way you look. Remember they are with you because they find you attractive and 99 percent of the time they don't see what you see. By showcasing your flaws not only are you going to turn him off, he may start seeing them too.

Innocent flirtations: Those girls' nights out and the semi-attractive guy at the bar offers to buy you a drink--accept it and talk him up for a little, but leave it at that. There are times when flirting can benefit you! Take for example that free warm bagel the bakery worker gives you because he knows you like them fresh from the oven or that store manager who thinks you're cute and gives you an additional item for free. Those are moments when it's okay to flirt as long as you don't take it further and respect your boundaries.

Now that you know what you can keep mum from your man, it will probably even add extra spice to your love life and you may not even know it. I mean, if you can flirt with the cute sales guy at that sporting goods store to get an extra discount on your guy's birthday present, why not?

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