Living with a significant other is a unique experience; it creates an intimacy so intense between a couple that it takes love to a whole new level and deepens all those feelings between you. Sadly, though, with that intimacy come some pretty harsh realities of cohabitating with someone else. And, boy, how we hate to stop being the princesses we were before he would see us in the mornings and morph into real women made of skin and bones!

The day to day that comes with the living-together territory can bring about fights and certain very, very, well, embarrassing moments. Below are some of the most cringe-worthy aspects that come about when living with your significant other, according to a survey done by South American mag Entre Mujeres. Check them out and see if you agree. Let us know if you do or if there are other blush-inducing moments that you have experienced--and add them in the comments below!


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