Mami Confessions: What would you do if you catch your husband masturbating?

A woman who's only been married for 18 months left a post in our popular Confesiones forum asking what she should do now that she's discovered her husband has been masturbating behind her back for four months while their own sex life has dwindled. She says she doesn't understand what's going on because everything was so perfect at the beginning. She's also confused because he tells her he loves her, her body, and the way she is in bed. And yet, they now go weeks without having sex compared to the beginning when they used to do it daily. 


According to the woman, this is what her husband said when he confronted him:

His excuse is that he is stressed! And that because of the stress he sometimes does not want to make love even if I get naked and dance for him, practice oral sex on him... nothing! He says it's because he cannot have an erection...

But if that were true, she says in her post, then how come he has no problem getting it up when he's masturbating? At this point, this woman is just pissed off and hurt because she feels like her husband is no longer into her. 

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Her biggest problem now is trying to figure out what she should do. She worries that if her husband is not interested in having sex with her anymore and has no problem masturbating, then he'll probably go looking for another woman next. 

I don't think that's necessarily true, but then again, I've never gone through something similar. So let's give this desperate wife some good advice.

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