Latino men rank high in new penis-size survey

How does your man rank below the belt? A new study done by the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences revealed that the most endowed men are from Africa's Republic of Congo, followed by Ecuadorians at 6.7 inches, Colombians at 6.7, and Ghanaians at 6.8. Yay! We're proud to hear that two of the nationalities that are packing are Latinos.

In addition to their findings, researchers mention that German men measured in at 5.7, making them bigger than British men at 5.5, and the French at 5.3. Those who came in last were South and North Korean men, measuring 4.2 inches. It looks like no matter what your preference is, you can find it anywhere in the world!


While this study does affirm that Latinos are up there on the measurement scale, it makes me question how accurate this research is. According to the author, Richard Lynn, these findings are of no surprise to him as they confirm former theories of race differences and penis length. But he has been under fire before by other critics who claim that Lynn's form of researching is flawed since he uses online sources.

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Whether or not this information was unveiled through studies or not, it doesn't change the fact that if a guy doesn't know what he's doing in the throes of passion, his size won't impress a woman. Simply judging them through a statistic is also pretty unfair since, much like our breasts size, they can't help what they've been blessed with below the belt.

But if you take great pride in what your man, um, measures, just keep this in mind: it's not the size of the prize that matters, but the motion of the ocean. After all, what woman wants to be with a man who is well endowed but doesn't know how to use it? 

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