Miss Bum Bum Pageant: Brazil leads the way for the butt-obsessed (VIDEO)

Brazilians sure love their butts! So much so, that they're gearing up for the Miss BumBum pageant, a nationwide pageant in search for Brazil's cutest booty. Bottoms up!

While big butts are just starting to get some love in the states, now with butt implants and the Brazilian butt-lift on the rise, big bottoms have always been fully embraced in Brazil and throughout Latin America. The country's best bums will be chosen out of 27 competitors, one from each of Brazil's states and online voting will determine the 15 finalists who will get to travel to Sao Paolo in November for the grand finale. Yes, that means these booties' fates could be in your hands! The winner will get to take home $5,000 with the runner up receiving $3,000.


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So who the heck could judge this kind of competition? Apparently, Pamela Anderson. Really? I'm sorry, but that's the LAST person I would expect to be on the judge panel. I was thinking more along the lines of Adriana Lima, or someone who ACTUALLY has a booty! And by the way, no fake butts are allowed. Yes, that means no butt implants or butt lifts if you want to make it in this competition. In fact one contestant, Cibelle Riberio, was almost eliminiated because the judges suspected her butt wasn't real and she refused to have an x-ray taken. But since Riberio has finally agreed to submit an x-ray, her butt is back in the running!

At the end of the day, I really don't give a hoot who wins this silly competition. I mean, I'm all for the world embracing curves--cellulite and all--it's definitely a refreshing break from the frail thin models women once used to look up to. But do we really need to have women walk down a stage in thong bikinis and high-heels strutting their butts, to show we embrace "real" bodies? Not to mention the women in this competition may have big butts, but everything else looks relatively tiny. I don't think we'll be seeing a lot of belly or jiggly thighs up on that stage. So how real is this really?

You would think now with the big butt obsession that's going on in the States, that women will finally feel less pressure to look like Barbie dolls, but that doesn't seem to be changing. The only difference now is that instead of women starving themselves to fit into size 2 jeans, now they're spending $15,000 or more on a fake butt in order to look curvier. Seriously, $15,000 spent on your buttocks when you have bills to pay? That's utterly insane to me. I'm sorry ladies, but to me, this competition is just another way of making women feel pressured about  their bodies--and there's no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

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