Swimming coach's accidental sext leads to his arrest and jailtime

From time to time, I've accidentally sent texts to the wrong contact on my phone. But  it's never been to the embarrassing extent that swimming coach, Craig Evans went through all because of a sext that went awry. The 24-year old, of Birmingham, England was sending a steamy text on his Blackberry to his lover, but a slip of the thumb caused him to send the message to his ENTIRE contacts list. 

You think that's bad? It gets MUCH worse.


Two of the contacts who received the sext were two teenage girls ages 13 and 14--an act which led to his arrest. He was charged with inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sentenced to 18 months in jail in July. He had been imprisoned for three months since his hearing, but his lawyer was able to get him a break this week by appealing the case proving that his client was innocent.

WOW, can you talk about terrible luck? Although I have to admit I was a bit surprised at this stiff sentence for accidentally sending a bunch of people a private, lewd text, I think the fact that he sent the text to two underage girls is just irresponsible--and goes to show why you should NEVER, EVER sext! 

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According to the Telegraph, Evans was a new user of the smartphone, and because he hadn't mastered it yet, the raunchy message, which read: "Would you f--k me? Fast or slow? Skin on skin?" was sent to the contacts on his Blackberry Messenger list. That would probably freak me out too if I received a text of that nature and wasn't expecting it.

Lucky for him, his lawyer, Sharon Bahia, was able to fight the 18-month sentence and by arguing that he should not have been jailed because of the technical error. "The fact that they were repeated shows that he was evidently misguided in the use of his BlackBerry," Bahia said in court. "It is difficult to conclude that he was targeting anyone." This was enough proof for the judge to suspend the sentencing and setting Evans free.

After this incident, I don't think Evans will be sexting--and probably texting--anytime soon. Maybe he should stick to a less advanced flip phone!

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