Brazilian woman auctioning off her virginity for a good cause

I imagine that 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini is convinced that the end justifies the means when she decided to auction off her virginity online to the highest bidder. The end? She's pledged to donate her earnings toward the construction of housing for poor families in her home state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

Believe it or not, up to right now, the highest bid has reached a whopping $160,000. The final tally will be revealed on October 15, the date the the auction is actually closing.


So, is this a sly publicity stunt or an amazing good samaritan gesture?

Regardless, the winner's name will be made public when an Australian documentary about this case premieres.

I'm curious about whether the documentary is about Catarina and the loss of her virginity or about the urban project for which she has so selflessly decided to sacrifice her first time in order to raise funds. (I mean, could she not have gotten financing other ways?) We'll just have to wait and see, no?

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In the meantime, the rules of Migliorini's virginity sale are strict: Whoever ends up being the highest bidder earns (or buys?) the right to spend ONE hour with her while they do their deed, maybe talk, but she has made it clear they CANNOT kiss her (how very Pretty Woman of her!). Also, the winner must consummate this prize while wearing a condom and on board a flying plane, otherwise this could be considered prostitution, which could spell serious legal trouble for Migliorini in Brazil.

According to Migliorini, all the money she collects will be given to the charity project and none will be for the Australian director producing the documentary. She also makes it clear that what she's doing is not prostitution because, although it's for money, doing it only once doesn't automatically make you a prostitute.

Honestly, I can't really be sure that this actually justifies the charitable end--especially because it's not really clear if this is truly a selfless act or a publicity ploy. Then again, I just have one thing to say, quoting Socrates: The only thing I know I that I don't know anything!

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