The real reason your man is obsessed with your breasts

If there is one thing women may never understand it's why men are so obsessed with breasts.Now two men, Dr. Larry Young and Brian Alexander, claim to have the answer for us! The pair wrote the new book, The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction and reveals that the reason men LOVE breasts so much is because of a hormone released during nursing intended to create a bond between a mother and her baby. This same hormone also serves as their need for a strong nurturing bond with a woman.

Even more interesting is that Young, an expert in neuroscience of social bonding, explains that men are the only mammals who enjoy breasts sexually.  In addition to which, women are the only mammals whose breasts grow during puberty and are aroused by stimulated touching. Not surprisingly, the expert mentions that men can't help but favor large breasts because they signal that a woman is fertile—meaning she'd be good mommy material.


I'm not surprised at all by this research, but not only is the whole breast fascination biological, it is also mental.  The authors mention that when a new mother's brain sends her signals to bond with her newborn, the neurochemical oxytocin is released during breastfeeding making it a feel good experience for both the mother and infant.

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So, when you're in the heat of passion with your significant other, all the touching, kissing, caressing that goes on with your breasts, simulates the same bond as nursing.  The authors also mention that humans are also the only mammals that have sex face to face, which also aids to the connection combined with the oxytocin released from breast stimulation, and dopamine from sex which helps to create a bond between a woman and her lover in her brain.

 I admit, it's a bit strange associating your partner's mother with your sex life, but it makes a whole lot of sense now! I'm sure this will be the new excuse men use to try and get their ladies in the mood and scientifically they're right, they can't help but want to 'bond' with you.  

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