10 Latin love songs to get you in the mood (VIDEOS)

Do you have a favorite song that you put on when you're, ahem, feeling a little frisky or want to get in the mood? I know I do.

Just like there are some great Latin songs that you KNOW you want to work out to, there's also some Latin love songs that are a sure-fire way to feel a little sexier and want to jump into bed with your man. These 10 songs are all a little different: some are extraordinarily romantic, some just feature too many sexy people to count and others are a little faster if you're in the quickie mood. Either way, get ready to have the night of your life--in the sexiest way possible.


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1. Ricky Martin's "She's All I Ever Had": Ricky is a classic. He's got a ton of songs that make your hips move, but this sexy number is my absolute favorite. His sexy voice telling the lady of his dreams that she's all he needs always drives me crazy. I mean, seriously, is there a more romantic thought that that? "She's my lover, she's my friend." SO GOOD!

2. Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight": The tempo of this song is really interesting. JLo flawlessly goes from the dance-y chorus where she's proclaiming that she's spent all of her life waiting for this night (isn't that a sexy thought?) to sultrily singing about her fantasies for the evening. Oh, and did I mention all of the sexy dancing? She even gets soaking wet and looks like she's seriously having the Big O. Watch this one with your man for sure.

3. Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos": Watching Enrique's sexy dancing with the girl in the video definitely gets ME in the mood. The way he moves her, his smooth voice, his sexy whispers and promises... Oh, it's all so hot. Did I mention his biceps yet? No, I didn't. Well, ladies, that is absolutely the #1 reason to watch this video. Just LOOK at him! Yummy.

4. Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man": This one might be a little bit more for your man than for you. Well, kind of. It's a faster pace if you're, ya know, looking for a quickie but the thing I really love about this song is that the declaration of love is actually super sweet. Dress up in your favorite lingerie and lip-sync this song to your hubby and you'll BOTH have a great time.

5. Carlos Santana's "Maria Maria": Close your eyes and let this music soothe you into a sexy mood. Santana's guitar playing is simply amazing and, a couple slightly-depressing lyrics aside, this song is sure to get you feeling great. I love dancing to this song because it's so impossibly slow that it actually feels like one big tease. Of course, you'll want to end it the good way.

6. Shakira's "Underneath Your Clothes": Could there possibly be anything sexier than proclaiming that everything you need is underneath his clothes? That's one hot thought if I ever had one! Shakira's definitely the queen of the hip shaking and this song is a slower version of her usual tease but it's definitely a song that will make you dream what's underneath your honey's clothes.

7. Marc Anthony's "You Sang to Me": Okay, Marc is making out with someone in this video! I'm pretty sure that's the definition of "getting in the mood", isn't it? He looks like some pretty nice piece of eye candy while he's at it, too. Plus the song is surprisingly sweet as he declares his adoration for a woman who sang to him. Maybe you should do the same?

8. Selena's "I Could Fall In Love": I'm a die-hard Selena fan, even these 17 years after her death. That's not the only reason that I had to include one of her songs on this list, though. It's because this is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. Her soothing voice proclaiming that she could take him in her arms and never let go... well, it's just so sexy.

9. Pitbull's "Hotel Room Service": Not EVERY song on this list is going to be the epitome of romance. This song is actually the perfect antidote to all those other songs with grand, sweeping declarations of love. This one is about one thing and one thing only: a hot, dirty roll in the hay. Nothing wrong with pretending you just met your man and getting a hotel room!

10. Gloria Estefan's "Don't Wanna Lose You Now": Another song that's just impossibly sexy, a little bit sad and full of the kind of longing that's great for feeling hot all night long. This one might be another one that would be totally perfect to actually sing (if you're brave enough) or lip-sync to your hubby. Plus, you can put on a sexy little show and get you BOTH in the mood!

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