Mami confessions: My mother-in-law is driving me insane!

OMG! There's a post in our Confesiones forum that I'm sure a ton of women will identify with... after all, how many of us have had some kind of problem with our suegras? I mean, I'm lucky that I get along fairly well with my mother-in-law. Then again, she lives far away and only comes to visit once a year for a few weeks at a time. 

Sadly, that's not the case for our friend Brenda, who is sick and tired of her MIL because she's always criticizing her and complaining about the way she does things in her OWN house! Finally, she couldn't take it any more and exploded telling her everything she's been keeping to herself to preserve her relationship. 


In a post titled "I got really angry and I told my MIL a few truths", Brenda shared the following with us:

Yesterday she started to complain that the house was dirty but I always have it picked up because I do not like having a dirty house, but the Mrs. is always complaining and I always keep quiet because I do not want to put my husband between a rock and a hard place, but she just drove me crazy, I lost my patience and told her everything that I've kept to myself, I freed myself, but the Mrs. got all offended and stopped talking to me...

Luckily, Brenda's husband is on her side and told her to pay no attention to her, to ignore her. And I'm saying luckily because a lot of men--especially Latino men--don't tend to react that way when it comes to the relationship, or lack thereof, between their women and their mamás. I'm sure they're in a difficult position, so Brenda should consider herself lucky!

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On the other hand, I feel terrible for this woman who's asking us for help trying to figure out what she should do to deal with her super metiche MIL who's been living with them for more than nine months. Let's give her some good advice!

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