Divorced woman launches former wedding ring into space!

Picking up the pieces after a divorce can be hard, but New Zealand resident Rebecca Gibbs came up with her own way of moving on. Determined to rid herself of any possessions from her prior relationship, Gibbs took a radical action--she launched her wedding ring into space!  

Wow…that brings a whole new meaning to far, far away.


After moving back to her home country post-divorce, Gibbs had already done away with most of the items associated with her former marriage. But she couldn't figure out what to do with the one symbolic article that remained: her wedding band!

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Gibbs was reportedly determined to find a statement-making way of getting rid of the ring--not just for herself, but also to show her ex-husband, who had apparently tried to get back together with her repeatedly, that it was over. So instead of simply selling it or tucking it away as most people would have, she recruited the help of her current boyfriend's brother, who just happens to be a rocket scientist. With his help, she blasted the band into space in a rocket (painted with flames) and though it's uncertain how far it actually went, Gibbs seemed happy enough with the results, calling it "a really liberating experience."

Huh…well, that's certainly one way to get over a bad breakup. Though I have to admit that I find Gibb's actions a tad bit extreme (I mean, space? Why does that seem to be everyone's go-to location these days?), I also have to give her some credit for being so unapologetic about her feelings and actions. If launching a rocket into space is what she needed to do, then who is anyone to stop her? Hey, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

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