If I were to ask you to guess what the most common sexual buzz kills are, I bet you'd never get them right!

According to recent surveys, the two worst transgressors for women when it comes sex are: bad breath and egocentrism. Isn't that the truth? Ha!

Halitosis is cited as the most effective mood killer EVER, but I'm not THAT surprised. Other problems can be ignored, but how do you kiss someone whose breath you can't stand? Yeah, that's NOT happening.

Many of these findings from a study done by the Spanish Federation of Sexologist Societies, entitled, "What Do Women Want?" ring true for a lot of us, but they are still fascinating!

Check out the 9 biggest sexy-time killers in our gallery below--and my suggestions on how to cope with them (if it's even possible):

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Egocentrism 1


Few things kill romance faster than someone who only things about himself.


Bad breath 2

Bad breath

How do you kiss someone with halitosis? Kissing is so essential to getting things going before sex!


Impotence 3


I mean, obviously, impotence is a serious problem that prevents sexual relations from happening, but worse still is when men refuse to get help. Getting angry doesn't work, you have to communicate and try to ease the pressure of the awkward moment.

Laziness 4


Emotionallly there are very few things that are worse tan a lazy, no-help-at-all man. And if he doesn't work, that's just beyond mood killing. I think there are few men that understand that power and work actually works as an aphrodisiac for some women!


Premature ejaculation 5

Premature ejaculation

Many women are plagued by their inability to reach the big O because their partner just can't...hold...on. If this is you, then try to negotiate the pleasure with your significant other; you don't always need to reach that maximum point during penetration, it can be done maybe after...


Too much hair 6

Too much hair

This problem is a little bit more complicated. If you are one of the women in this group who think hairy men are gross, I seriously recommend that you rethink this: there aren't many men willing to regularly submit themselves to painful hair removal methods. Remember that they're big cowards when it comes to pain!


Extra pounds 7

Extra pounds

Making your significant other feel bad because they've packed on the pounds is never a nice thing. Think about how YOU would feel if he would do the same to you. Throwing out snide comments doesn't help either. If you want him to lose that extra weight, I recommend that you both diet and exercise together.

Disregard for his appearance 8

Disregard for his appearance

It's really hard to be with a dude who doesn't take care of himself: ugly, mismatching clothes, hygiene fails--all these signal deeper underlying low self-esteem issues. If you're just starting out with someone like this, think about what his appearance means t you. If it's your husband and he's just let himself go, try to help out with gentle suggestions.


Excessive vanity 9

Excessive vanity

With the emergence of metrosexuals, many men have taken that as a cue to take care of themselves a litle more, but dudes that actually spend more time in front of the mirror than us women are just plain not attractive. If you're attracted to him physically, but his personality bothers you, think about this: exterior appearances are temporary, but personality lasts forever.