Survey: Young women still don't know how to use contraception

Talking about sex is considered taboo in our culture, but the more I learn about how little we truly comprehend the need to protect ourselves, the more it seems we need to let that discomfort go. A disturbing survey conducted by Contraception in America found that 2 in 5 young women still don't use contraceptives or ignorantly misuse them resulting in unwanted pregnancies.  

Even more shocking is that fact that a study done by John Hopkins University reveals that about 19 percent of women ages 18 through 29 believe they are infertile (the reality is only about 6 percent are)-- which is why they think they are the exception to pregnancy. In addition, over half of women ages 25 to 29 believe their unplanned pregnancies were due to contraceptive failure when it was their fault for NOT taking their birth control properly. To make matters worse, it was found that the majority of these women who believe they're "infertile" are Hispanic. 



This ordeal is disturbing because it shows that this ignorance is not only affecting teenagers, but grown women as well! I don't know about you, but this report really scared me because I know many women who have the same mentality as those who took part in the survey.

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What's most bothersome about this is that nowadays most contraceptives are easily accessible for sexually active people and there are many options to choose from. Whether you do or don't know the method that's right for you, in such cases it's best to speak to a doctor who can teach you about the best options and how to use them.

This is a serious matter as most women who result with unplanned pregnancies forget that they have options that could've prevented them from happening in the first place. The survey teaches us that women are still not receiving the right education on the different forms of contraception and that this needs to change. Most importantly, we as women need to take full responsibility of our bodies and if we choose to be sexually active, we should be smart about protecting ourselves.

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