Young Latina to marry a man she's never met face to face! (VIDEO)

When it comes to love, they say you can't help you fall in love with. For 18-year-old Jessica of Brazil and 23-year-old Kenny from Belgium, their love blossomed through a foreign language-learning website last year, and now they're engaged, even though they've NEVER met! Their long-distance relationship grew from friendship to couple-dom and they will be meeting for the first time in person this October when Kenny visits her in Brazil.


The proposal, which happened in a very Love Actually-esque way, involved Kenny posting a public proposal with signs asking her to marry him (Aw!) through his blog, Love 9000km Away. Jessica responded with a series of videos accepting his romantic proposal and as absurd as this story may sound, there's a great chance that their love is the real deal.

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Call me old fashioned, but I've always been iffy about online dating--especially after the number of horror stories I've heard from my female friends. But this love story made me wonder if a healthy and long-lasting relationship can exist without having met the person. Communication is an important factor for a good relationship and this couple seems to have a strong grasp in that realm, but not to be brash, um, what about the physical aspect of the relationship?

Sure, it's not the MOST important part, but it is still a necessity. While meeting someone online is similar to dating someone in person--since you get to know them first--the problem is that you can't get a strong grasp of how the other person really lives until they're in your presence.

To be fair, it's amazing how technology is the prime reason many of people remain in touch with each other and allows us to maintain just about any relationship. Perhaps Kenny and Jessica have found something truly special. Long-distance relationships sometimes suck (been there, done that), but with communication, making the effort to visit each other, and being on the same page--I do believe they can work. As Kenny puts it, "When you really love someone that much you'll find a way to be together as much as possible." Awwww!

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