Why is FC Barcelona soccer team demanding female-only flight attendants?

As a Latina, I have always been a HUGE fútbol fan. I own multiple jerseys, have favorite teams, and can be found right alongside my dad yelling at the screen during a big game. But even I had to roll my eyes after hearing about the recent stunt pulled by one of the most famed teams of them all, Spain's FC Barcelona.  

Apparently, the team members were so fed up with getting pursued by fans looking for autographs and pictures that they decided to take matters into their own hands. They asked their official airline, Turkish Airlines, to make sure their flights are staffed only by female attendants. Why? Apparently, they're less fanatic and less likely to bother then than males. Yeah, right!


I don't buy that excuse for one single second.  If that was really the case, then why did they have to "handpick" a group of 20 attendants? That's right, the team not only demanded female crew members, they actually chose each attendant one by one. Ugh, sounds like machismo at its absolute worst!

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Even besides the fact that the team's actions are totally sexist (which they are), their theory is completely bogus and off-base. If you put me on a plane with a bunch of famous soccer players, I would be the first one asking for an autograph and picture…even though I am a female! If it was a team other than FB Barcelona, that is. After this gross move, I am somehow no longer all that eager to meet them.

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