The best maxi pad commercial EVER! (VIDEO)

I don't know about you, but I can't freakin' stand those ridiculous tampon or pad commercials that involve a woman frolicking in a field or measuring the absorbency of a product with blue liquid. They're silly, uncreative, and fail to make me any happier about getting to that time of the month. That's why when I came across a hilarious maxi pad ad from Australian company Libra Invisible, I knew I had to share it.


For ONCE, the commercial actually manages to tout a feminine hygiene product without the use of flowers, long white dresses, horses, or any detergent-like substances. In fact, this one somehow manages to promote the brand in an original and actually funny way  See? It can be done!

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In the ad, we get a look at how one very bored male decides to entertain himself by finding a very amusing use for his girlfriend's box of Libra maxi pads. What could a guy possibly do with those? Cover his arms and chest in them to create his very own, extra absorbent superhero costumes, of course! Using the pads and their wings, he manages to turn himself into a robot, a ninja, and several other boyish fantasy roles before getting interrupted by his girlfriend…and her parents. Talk about SUPER embarassing!

Needless to say, the ad is refreshingly not-cheesy and actually made me laugh out loud (never thought I'd say that about a commercial for maxi pads!).  And I especially love that a woman doesn't even enter the picture until almost the very end!

Watch for yourself here:

Image via YouTube

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