Artificial Hymen Kit wants to make you feel like a virgin again

Apparently, the world thinks that women's top goal in life is to feel like a virgin again. I've already talked the about vaginal rejuvenation product "18 Again" (sold exclusively in India) and now, it looks like yet another one of these genius items has been created, this time out of Hong Kong.  

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to The Artificial Hymen Kitand yes, it is as bad as it sounds. The $30 package, available at, contains two "prosthetic membranes," which females are supposed to insert into their vaginas in order to "restore [their] virginity in five minutes!"

Because you know, every woman is dying to relive their super awkward first time.


Apparently, the kit is quite popular among the porn industry in Japan (I know, shocking right?), but the site also sells thousands of them a year internationally, primarily here to the U.S. Which makes wonder: Who in the hell is actually buying these things and why?

I've already ranted plenty about how ridiculous society's infatuation with our ladyparts is (extremely), but this seemingly new emphasis on making women "virginal" again has taken the idiocy to new heights. I mean, in these days, with a book like 50 Shades of Grey dominating the bestsellers list, we are supposed to be encouraging sexual experience and exploration in both sexes, not trying to turn back the clock on our hymens.

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It seems to me like the ONLY purpose behind products like the Artificial Hymen Kit (which actually advertises non-virginity as a "deep dark secret"…barf) is to send us back a few decades to a time when female sensuality was a taboo topic.

Well, news flash, people: It's 2012 and women are not just sexually experienced--they are more powerful than ever, both in and out of the bedroom.

Image via The Hymen Shop

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