7 surprising ways to put semen to use!

We recently a study from the State University of New York that showed that semen has anti-depressive qualities in women. But now I've found a list of seven more things that semen can be helpful for--pretty much making it the cure for all our existing maladies, beauty issues, stomach problems, and more!

Check out the list below:


Anti-aging: Since semen contains a substance called spermine, a powerful anti-oxidant, it's said that it's effective to soften expression lines, smooth skin, and even calm acne. There are already cosmetics companies in Europe that are using the substance in the formulation of creams and facial lotions.

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Cooking ingredient: Believe it or not, there's a book called Natural Harvest published by Chef Fotie Photenhauer, which contains recipes that use semen as one of the ingredients! According to this very unique cook, semen is not only nutritious, but relatively easy to get (ha!) and very affordable (ha! ha!).

Anti-nausea: A study from the Albany Medical College suggests that ingesting semen helps pregnant women combat morning sickness and general nausea during the first few weeks of pregnancy.  Although the study has been questioned, its authors explain that nausea is caused when the woman's body "rejects" the genetic material of the father in the unborn child and that this effect could be reversed by ingesting a good dose of that, um, same material!

Artist's raw materials: Yup, you read right: In 2008, German sculptor Martin Von Ostrowski had an exhibition at the Berlin Gay Museum with works of art that he "painted" with semen. To get his materials he reportedly had to ejaculate more than 1,000 times! That's some way to get your artistic "juices" flowing!

Ovulation control: Research out of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada suggests that a protein in semen not only inhibits the areas of a woman's brain that regulate ovulation, but also contribute to the maintenance and survival of nerve cells.

Invisible ink: It's a well-known fact that during World War I, a form of information exchange involved sending encoded documents, and British intelligence discovered that semen was useful as an invisible ink that could later be activated with iodine vapor. Wow!

Storage unit: This is truly fascinating: Researchers at Harvard and Johns Hopkins were able to store a petabyte (one QUADRILLION bytes or a million gigabytes) of information in 1.5 miligrams of DNA, the equivalent of a cubic ML of semen. On average, a man's ejaculation varies between 2 and 6 cubic mLs, enough to store four petabytes of data. That's a lot of data!

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Would you ever dare use semen for any of these purposes?

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Would you ever dare use semen for any of these purposes?

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