Whether you're married or single, in a monogamous relationship or playing the field, there are just certain phrases that kill even the most passionate sex. In Argentina, the editors of internet portal Entre Mujeres conducted a survey to find out which were the worst things that someone could say to us after having sex and narrowed down the 5 worst offenders.

I read them and thought there were some missing and I wasn't the only one! A website created an open list so that people can vote on which are the most heinous things you could hear after doing the deed. I combed through both lists and here are my choices for the top 10 most offensive statements to hear after sex...

Bad habits in bed are signs that your guy may not be in touch with a woman's needs. Some can be forgiven, especially if they happen between couples in a long-term relationship. But if a brand new lover all of a sudden says any of the following phrases to you after sex, I suggest you RUN, RUN as fast and as far as you can!

Here's are the 10 worst phrases you never want to hear after sex:

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I have to go. 1

I have to go.

It sucks when a man doesn't undersand that the cuddling and intimacy after sex are more important than what happens before and during the act.


You remind me of my ex. 2

You remind me of my ex.

To me, this phrase can end even a 50-year-old marriage! It's not jealousy--unless you get married when you're 15 years old, we all have more or less a past. It's for lack of sensitivity. What idiot would say such a thing?



Where's the remote? 3

Where's the remote?

Electronics of any kind, magazines, books--all these have to be avoided at all costs after having sex. Basically, they KILL the mood.

I don't want to talk. 4

I don't want to talk.

It is so stressful when a couple stays absolutely silent after sex. The first thing I would think about is that I did something wrong or that he's angry about something. A definite no-no!


I bet no one has ever touched you like this before! 5

I bet no one has ever touched you like this before!

There are many men and women that go around requesting that you evaluate their sexual prowess. Don't do this. And be afraid if he asks you: This is a sign of a worrisome insecurity.


What are you thinking about? 6

What are you thinking about?

Okay, this is one that we women are more guilty of uttering than men, but whatever the case, this is a really bad one. They don't have to get inside our heads. For our part, we have to pretend that we don't care what's in theirs. And honestly, if you have to know, wait for a better moment!


Was that all? 7

Was that all?

This phrase denotes a lack of any sense of respect, elegance, and just human dignity. Even if it's said as a joke, after many years together. Not good!

I think we should break up. 8

I think we should break up.

It may sound crazy, but many people have done this. Men--and I apologize to all you sensitive ones out there--just want to get it on one last time before breaking up. It's really not a good thing to break things off after sex. No, it's beyond not good, it's HORRIBLE.


A shower? 9

A shower?

Honestly, it's absolutely insulting when after an orgasm, one of the two of you immediately run to take a shower or tells the other that he needs to wash off. The message is: You're dirty. If it's so important, why not just make the shower another seduction tactic?

Do you love me? 10

Do you love me?

We can all agree that simply asking this is not bad, but it just reveals a bit of insecurity and lack of self-confidence that makes even the person most into you lose interest. Don't ask. Just don't. (I mean, if you have to ask, maybe your relationship isn't in the best shape; but wait for a better moment to have this talk!)