Is it me or is feeling 'in the mood' after baby really, really difficult?

So I just saw news out of Europe that a group of Danish nurseries are offering parents a really hard-to-turn-down offer: They are telling the parents that on Thursdays nights, they'll keep their little treasures for an extra 2 hours--and all free of charge! There is a catch of course: The parents have to use this time to, basically, try to make more babies.

Yup! Free daycare in exchange for the parents doing the nasty Thursday nights. Denmark and the nurseries have ulterior motives, mainly to increase the country's birth rate since it has one of the lowest of ANY country (it ranks 185th among 221 countries in the world!). Which all got me thinking about, you know… and then I realized I couldn't remember the last time my husband and I… well, you get the picture!


Denmark is sort of on to something there. Yes, they have a much more urgent need to get their citizens procreating: They're just trying to make sure their whole country doesn't just go extinct with no new little citizens. But their approach is really brilliant.

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You see, I have a 4-month-old. Besides all the different places my and my husband's minds are these days (Solid food! Poop! New little teeth! And on top of all that, work!), they're really not anywhere near anything X-rated. We're just so, so, so exhausted by the time we put our son to bed every night, that all we really want to do is just relax, watch TV, and honestly just fall asleep. I never thought it would be this hard to feel sexy again. Oh yeah, and that's another issue: I have yet to lose so much of my baby weight, I just don't feel… frisky, I guess.

So what's a couple to do? Maybe Denmark has the answer though: Try to make some time for yourselves without the littles ones. Yes! Maybe next week I'll try to keep our son a couple of more hours at daycare while we take care of...cough, cough...other things. Let's see how that goes!

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