Nipplegate 2012: Sears causes controversy with exposed boob

Sears is in a LOT of hot water! The retail company is facing controversy after an image of the Morris Babydoll Mesh & Lace lingerie cami appeared on their website and it featured--GASP!--a nipple!

Fans of the department store's online catalog are freaking out. The model's nipple is very clearly visible in the image. Horrors! Well, in all honestly, I have to ask: Um, what's the big deal? It's LINGERIE, people! I'm pretty sure that the whole point of lingerie is to show off the goodies anyway, right?


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Actually, I think that the lace teddy is pretty cute. I can see why women would want to buy it--nipple or no nipple! Sears clientele, though, is a bit angry at seeing a that part of our anatomy as they shop for the $25.25 sexy piece of lingerie. Sears is, of course, blaming the original "third-party" seller of the item for not censoring their original photo.

This is all a little silly! Censoring or not, though, I see plenty of nipples in online shopping. I mean, men display theirs ALL the time so what is the big deal? Maybe she should have covered up a bit more but, seriously, if you're shopping for sexy lingerie, you probably should be able to deal with a NIPPLE. I mean, you have them, right?

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Unfortunately for Sears, this actually isn't the first time this has happened. Although I really don't think it's a big deal, if this is such a huge thing with Sears, maybe they should really double-check their photos more carefully so that they don't get into such a huge "controversy" next time.

Image via Sears

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